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Workshop - Playing the mouth harmonica€ 22 p.p. incl. BTW

The mouth harmonica is a great instrument for a swinging teambuilding event, it is approachable yet challenging. During this workshop you will be taught by a professional musician, who will teach you everything about this handy instrument and will show you how, with a little help, you can soon be playing along on the ‘bluesharp’. Reading notes? That is not necessary! Even musical illiterates will feel happy during this musical intermezzo.

The mouth harmonica, the small, sympathetic musical instrument is ideal for beginners. Who didn’t have a plastic one when they were a child? That is why this workshop is great for a team outing, corporate event or training day, because you will learn more about this handy instrument in a fun and playful manner with plenty of added challenges. We begin with the basics and the more you can do, the more fun it becomes. Before you know it, you will be playing along to a famous blues riff from Muddy Waters. Maybe you will even bend some notes......

You may keep the mouth harmonica
If you are as excited as we are after the workshop, then that’s brilliant, because after the workshop is over you can take the mouth harmonica home with you.

The workshop will be held in private rooms of cosy café-restaurants in the centre, at your own location or in a location somewhere else in The Netherlands, whichever you choose!

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