XL - groups

It is not always a simple task to organise something unique for a large group. You spend all your time looking for a program that is held in a large location, and this often has a formal feel, instead of atmospheric and informal.

At Double Dutch Events we strive to ensure your party is a memorable event. One day and / or evening with various activities, fun tours and workshops for everyone, held in a location that suits the character of the day.

Varied program in the city
Can we go into the city with a large group? Of course! It is not always easy to plan, but hey, that is what we are here for! So, for example, your large group can be split up into smaller groups, which can be divided around the city. That way everyone is experiencing a very diverse program and gets acquainted with the city and each other in a relaxed way. At the end of the day everyone meets up and there are more than enough topics for conversation during the joint reception, dinner or dazzling party. We know that for certain!

Various workshops in 1 location
We are always in favour of this: a day with various workshops in 1 location, which we hire especially for you. Think of a castle, a ranch, a ship, a farm ... anything is possible.

Multiple day programs
If you would like to go with a large group for a multiple day program, with meetings, dinners, hotels stays, etc, that is possible!! Tell us your wishes and they will come true.

Many examples...
There are so many examples to think of that are good for teambuilding and your business. Tell us your wishes (even if they are challenging), and they will come true!