Workshop - Playing the mouth harmonica € 22 p.p. incl. BTW
The mouth harmonica is a great instrument for a swinging teambuilding event, it is approachable yet challenging. During this workshop you will be taught by a professional musician, who will teach you everything about this handy instrument and will show you how, with a little help, you can soon be playing along on the ‘bluesharp’. Reading notes? That is not necessary! Even musical illiterates will feel happy during this musical intermezzo.

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Popquiz! € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
This swinging competition full of music and fun is highly recommended for both young and old! Sing along to old and new hits. listen to tunes from television series and bluff each other with your knowledge...this is sure to add some healthy competition to your company or team! Our generous presenter / DJ* will hand out the sheets and ensure you have a swinging and informal line up. And the winning team? They will go home with our famous ’Oscar’ of the pop quizzes!

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Singingworkshop ‘X-Factor‘ - record your own CD or MP3! € 28 p.p. incl. BTW
You might not get excited by the idea of singing in front of your collegues. but this singing workshop is definitely fun! The easy-going and cheerful singer will pull everyone along. Whether you want to sing ‘Dancing Queen‘. ‘Under the boardwalk‘ or ‘Everyone‘s a winner‘. it is all possible and you do not need to have any singing experience. Just sing. and you will have a great time together. Maybe you even have the X-Factor!

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Improvisation through theatre sports € 36 p.p. incl. BTW
Fancy. improvise and shine during this workshop improvisation theatre. There is no theatre experience needed. just let the story guide you. which develops itself as you go along. Maybe you can already picture some hilarious situations. as there is no certain script. You will absolutely get to know some new aspects of your colleagues during this company outing.

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Caricature drawing’ € 32 p.p. incl. BTW
A high fore head and long teeth. a little beard and tiny tiny hands. A very big smile and a present nose.. draw them smaller? That is not going to happen! Gigantic ears to hear you better and wait.. not so common. enormous jaws. A pony tail. curly hair and spikes...you can add a little bit here. a little bit there....The result will be a memorable drawing of your collegue!

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‘Gimme all you got’ - Rap & Beats - workshop € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Flow with the rhyme. you will feel so fine... You might get the picture...> ‘ To rap ’ is rhythmic rhyming on music and during this fun workshop together you will make your own original ‘Rap‘ on the music of ’a ‘cool ’ beat with the help of our professional and experienced ‘MC Alex’.

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

workshop Zumba! € 26 p.p. incl. BTW
Zumba literally means ‘Move fast and have fun‘. It is impossible to stay still as you and your colleagues listen to the lively music. because Zumba is a mix of various dance styles. reminiscent of warm summers and happy people: Salsa. merengue. samba. reggae ton. bachata. and soukou. Would you like to have fun together and see happy faces? In other words: an unforgettable corporate workshop? Then come and join us!

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Royal Bluf’ - poker workshop € 34,50 p.p. incl. BTW
Everyone is talking about it. it is on the news and you find it on the Internet. What a hit..Poker! During this card game you are expected to form the highest card combinations possible with cards like ‘ace‘. ‘king‘. ‘queen‘ or ‘jack‘. or to make an uncalled bet. Bluffing is a must! Even better. the one who is able to bluff and to put on a poker face will have more chances in winning the game.

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

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